ONE DANCE WEEK is one of the symbols of contemporary dance in Bulgaria. America for Bulgaria Foundation continues to believe in the potential of the organizers and has supported the event since 2010 when contemporary dance was just starting to gain popularity. ONE DANCE WEEK is a recognized brand due to its constant development, high-quality standards and presentation in Bulgaria of the latest international trends in dance. The 10th anniversary edition will present the Diversity theme with performances from Asia, Africa, and Europe.
Good luck to the festival and keep creating unforgettable experiences for Bulgarian audiences.

— Nancy Schiller, President and CEO of the America for Bulgaria Foundation (ABF)


ONE DANCE WEEK returns to Plovdiv with a mission, brighter identity, and a special jubilee programme. This autumn we will celebrate our 10th birthday by inviting shows from distant countries that have something in common with all of us. Here and now.

Over the past decade, we’ve been paving the way for contemporary dance towards Bulgarian audience. We are proud to offer not only emotional reflections on stage. We will show you series of proofs that intersections between cultures and people around the world are much more broader than expected. We want to prove that diversity is just another mirror of the same passions, desires, worries …

Get ready for a journey to meet unknown stories, traditions, techniques, aesthetics, and ethics. We will rethink the globe and its political, geographical, social, ethnic and religious segregations. We will build a new globe – through dance. We will talk through dance as only art gives us what words cannot explain.

From September 23rd to October 15th you will see reality as a dance duet for man and robot from Taiwan, an African-led revolution, the last battle with fate in Mohammed Ali’s story, and other fascinating performances entwined threads to every single spectator. Art pieces that call the unknown “Mother”, wake up memories, invite “The Narrator” to reveal painful secrets, and finally reach out to viewers’ heart and mind.

The first Jubilee is a powerful drive to analyze what has been done before. And to look straight into the future.

Enough with words. Let dance art speak for itself.


The  festival started in 2008 as the only forum in the country entirely devoted to contemporary dance — one of the most rapidly developing genres in contemporary art that knows no boundaries between techniques, art forms and aesthetics, that turns rules and roles upside down and makes the impossible possible — which is what constitutes its bold and attractive gesture.

Over the past nine years, the festival presented some of the most interesting phenomena in the sphere of contemporary dance practices, including performances from Europe, Asia and America, which show different dance trends.

Among the artists who have performed at ONE DANCE WEEK are:


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