Strong closing weekend

The closing weekend of ONE DANCE WEEK at Boris Hristov House of Culture this Saturday and Sunday (October 14 & 15) presents 2 exquisite and quite different from each other shows – the provocative MOTHER and the revolutionary KALAKUTA REPUBLIK.

On Saturday, October 14, the audience will welcome one of theundoubtable accents in the anniversary festival programme – the provocative performance of the Belgium Peeping Tom company named MOTHER. The pictorial dance exhibition which shows the various conditions and stages in the life of the mother. Beyond the obvious into her complex inner world, where fear, madness, and dreams rule.

From a frightened little girl to a 40-year-old woman in the prison of her own insecurity, the spectacle reaches beyond the obvious, beyond what we think we know about the mother. The action develops in the background of a seemingly familiar decor – a museum, a maternity ward, a studio. MOTHER has already received rave reviews around the world and undoubtedly the audience in Plovdiv will also be shaken by the powerful charge of the show.

The revolutionary-musical show KALAKUTA REPUBLIK will close the 10th anniversary edition of ONE DANCE WEEK on October 15 (Saturday). Inspired and filled with the sound from the compositions of the legendary Fela Kuti, the father of afro-beat and an unbending rebel against the junta in Nigeria, this unusual dance performance tells about resistance to the great politics, about revolutions and those who stand under their flags. Kuti himself is considered a prototype of African opposition, because the sharp satire against the regime, repression and colonialism in his albums cost him over 200 arrests. KALAKUTA REPUBLIK is neither a biography of Fela Kuti nor a musical showcasing of his work. Instead, the performance is a little piece of Africa without clichés. A continent on the global map that Serge Aimé Coulibaly and his companions are committed to and want to reveal to the rest.


The tickets for MOTHER and KALAKUTA REPUBLIK can be found at the price of 10, 15 or 20 BGN. All of them are available at the cash desks of Easypay, via the system, at the festival office in Kapana (10 Hristo Dyukmendzhiev St) or at the special ticket office at Stefan Stambolov Sq, supported by Visa, in Plovdiv.

Buy with your Visa card at and get a gift from Visa – a festival bag.

Students and pensioners can buydiscount tickets at the price of 5 BGN at the box office in Boris Hristov House of Culture 30 minutes before each show if free seats are still available.


For 17 years, Peeping Tom’s hallmark has been a hyper-real aesthetic anchored to a concrete set: a garden, a living room, a basement, a residential container facing snowy hill … It seems familiar, but in fact, the stage is an unstable universe questioning logic, time and space. At the heart of the groups’ productions stands human nature, with its states, pain, and joy, with its dark side, which is worth enlightening.

Peeping Tom’s Dance Theater starts with a transfer of experiences between artists, making it personal, dynamic and touching. Born with the expressive language of motion and stage expression, artists use cinema techniques and sound effects recorded in real time while the shows are running.

The Belgian company has won a number of international awards, including the Le Salon Best Dance Show in France (2005), the Mont Blanc Award for Young Directors at the Salzburg Festival (2007), the Patrons Circle Award at the International Festival Of the Arts in Melbourne and awards from other countries. Their show “32 rue Vandenbranden” won the prestigious British Olivier Award (2015) for the best dance performance and “Vader / Father” won the same category at an international competition in Barcelona.

Gabriela Carizzo and Franck Chartier have been artistic directors of Peeping Tom since they co-founded the company in 2000.


Born in Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso, and growing up in Belgium, Serge Aimé Coulibaly has been working as a choreographer and dancer for more than 15 years. African culture is his creative generator, and also the reason behind his engagement with social causes, powerful emotions and hope. Because of the ability to give a universal message and expressiveness to modern dance, Kulibali is well accepted on several continents. In 2002, he founded Faso Danse Théâtre and has so far looked at complex themes linked to the desire to provoke positive dynamics in younger generations. He is also the founder of the ANKATA International Performing Arts Area in Bobo-Dioulasso.


The spokesman for an entire generation, he turned the stage into a political platform, and music – into a weapon. Arrested over 200 times for his sharp satire against the regime and its corruption, Fela was a true reincarnation of devotion to the homeland and art. Fella Kuti named the independent Kalakuta Republic after his first prison. The Republic was indeed his mansion on the outskirts of Lagos. His band recorded music there until 1977 when military units stormed the mansion and destroyed the studio.

He opposed ignorance, oppression and awakened Nigerians in inimitable fashion. Kuti’s compositions, some up to 30 minutes in length, endowed with intricate complexity, have reached jazz clubs all the way to “distant” London. Thus, a new musical phenomenon was born.

ONE DANCE WEEK is organized by ONE Foundation for Culture and Arts in partnership with the America for Bulgaria Foundation. THE PROJECT IS PART OF THE PROGRAM OF PLOVDIV – EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF CULTURE 2019.

The festival is organised with the general support of Visa  a global payments technology company that connects consumers, businesses, financial institutions and governments in more than 200 countries and territories, enabling them to use electronic payments instead of cash and checks, and of Programista; – one of the fastest-growing IT companies in Bulgaria which was recognised as Software Company of the Year 2017 by BASSCOM and BOA.

The festival is organised with the main support of TELUS International Europe – the biggest employer in the BPO sector in Bulgaria and Putishta Plovdiv.

The festival’s team would like to thank the Ministry of Culture of Taiwanthe Ministry of Culture of the Republic of BulgariaCzech Center SofiaEU JAPAN FEST committeethe Embassy of Japan in Sofia“Japan friends in Bulgaria” Club and the Embassy of Czech Republic in Sofia.